• How will I come to know my slot is booked?
    You will receive a booking confirmation message on the phone number that you have registered with us.
  • Can I book a parking slot to be used after few hours?
    Yes, you can book a parking slot to be used after few hours but you need to mention the parking’s start time and the parking duration while booking a parking slot.
  • How many vehicles can I register in my name & how many parking slots can I book at a time
    You can register as many vehicles as you want but only one parking slot can be booked per vehicle at a time.
  • Can I cancel the booking and get refund?
    No, the booking once done can’t be cancelled. There is no refund for the confirmed booking of the parking slot.
  • What is the procedure to pay at the parking lot if I overstay?
    If you overstay, you have to pay to the parking attendant while checking-out.You will have to settle the overdue parking cost in cash only.
  • Can I use the booked parking slot for a different vehicle number than the one the parking slot was booked for?
    No, the parking slot once booked for a particular vehicle number can’t be used for a different vehicle number. You have to make another booking for a different vehicle number.
  • Can I pay in cash?
    Yes, you can opt to pay in cash.
  • I am having issues with messages and notifications. What should I do?
    This could be the case of lack of space in your message box. Try deleting few previous messages. If the problem still persists, go to the ‘Help’ section of the app and write your complaint to us.
  • What do I do if I do not get the confirmation of booking even after payment?
    Check the Booking section. If your recent booking is shown there, check-in to the parking lot as the parking attendant will be having your booking details.
  • What if I encounter a technical issue or see an error message?
    Contact us on +91-8879036888 or write us an email on info@parkoscope.com.